The UI for GRG's booking wizard came naturally. From years of experience booking hotels, hostels, cabins, and cottages, I was able to rely on the many details that I knew worked well for this context. I was also armed with the various industry concepts that I noted during my research phase.

I created a design system full of custom components that were used throughout the project to efficiently build a UI (and eventually website) that was both functional and beautiful. Consistent shapes, meaningful colors, and familiar icons were leaned upon heavily while designing a system that needed to be both comprehensive and simple. 

The design process for a project of this scale began with research. Lots of it. First, I needed a solid understanding of GoRoverGo (GRG) the company: mission statement, business model, vision. Next, I needed insight on the competitive landscape. What commonalities do users expect, and what unique traits make the industry leaders, well...leaders. 

Taking cues from other major players in the industry, like AirB&B, I mapped out a variety of user workflows and interactions for a corporate housing booking wizard. This practice quickly weeded out major snags and hiccups in the system. From there, I refined the process over-and-over with a focus on simplicity and efficiency. Two essential traits to keep potential customers happy while working through a complex system.

UX Process


“I only have positive things to say about Megan. She has been excellent in all respects. She is a pleasure to work with and diligent in getting things done in a timely manner. Her creativity and ability to translate my gibberish into the end product that I wanted have been excellent. I think she is totally awesome!”


GoRoverGo is a Corporate Housing software for individuals and companies to find and book fully furnished apartments for long term stays.

UI Process

Now that GRG had a booking wizard, they needed a way to promote it. I was also in charge of the customer-facing website and its ability to convey all of the reasons why you should choose GoRoverGo over the next guy. 

With the help of my design system, I developed a brand for GRG that prospects and customers could latch onto. My goal was to create a brand that could transform a scary and complicated process into something that felt modern and bright. This included creating "Rover" the GoRoverGo Mascot and anchoring the brand identity around it. 

Final Thoughts

The GoRoverGo project was an unbelievably rewarding process. Playing a major role in the development of a product from conception to release to promotion is something that I do not take for granted. This project will serve as a reference point for future tasks that require detailed site mapping, iterative wire framing, accessible design and so much more. 

I am particularly proud of GRG as a portfolio piece as I feel it demonstrates the vertical understanding required to make a useable system from the ground up. If you have any questions about any stage of my process, please don't hesitate to reach out.




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