In addition to working and managing the daily website production for the HealthyWomen website with the web team, I direct and design all aspects of HealthyWomen content. This includes video production and editing, infographic design, animated gifs, updated all HealthyWomen design collateral for events, presentations, brand assets, weekly newsletter production and content strategy. 

Art Direction

HealthyWomen is a non-profit women's health publication dedicated to educating midlife women so they can make informed health decisions, advocate for themselves and prioritize their health and wellness.

As their Creative Director for the past few years, I've managed a team of 4, overseen daily website production, provided strategic input on content type creation, worked with our CMS vendor to make UI/UX updates to the website, overhauled social media branding and provided templates to the social media team to use, and updated internal processes across departments to ensure smoother production.


When starting at HealthyWomen, the education team wanted to level up their content types from regular "blog post" style articles. I brought them the idea of doing animated gifs to give each educational piece more of an interactive feel, a branded look, and boost engagement. 

Motion Design

Beyond the Body

Beyond the Body was a HealthyWomen campaign to help break the stigma of obesity. We partnered with real women to share their stories about their personal journeys with obesity. To increase engagement and take the campaign to the next level, I illustrated each woman and used the illustrations throughout the campaign branding, video edits, and social media promotion. Each woman recorded their own video and then took part in an episode of our WomenTalk live talk show series.




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